Merry Pebbles Restaurant

We offer a wide variety of dishes, ranging from traditional “potjiekos” to pizzas and trout, a speciality when in Sabie. However, our steaks are legendary. With ice-cold beers and drinks in the summer to cool you down, or a warm log fire, red wine, and Irish Coffee to warm you up on chilly winter nights.Merry Pebbles Holiday Resort and Caravan Park are...

Sabie Brewing Co

n 1880, Henry Thomas Glynn (1856-1928), known among his friends as H.T., bought the farm Grootvantijn from a P. de Villiers. The farm’s original name was ‘Sabi’ but was later changed to ‘Sabie’. The Sabie River flowed through the farm and the name Sabi (or Sabie) could be a derivation of the Shangaan word ‘uluSaba’, meaning...