Flycatcher Castle

The Castle is perched on the edge of Graskop on the Drakensburg Escarpment, centrally situated in Mpumalanga.

Flycatcher Castle overlooks the Motitsi Wetland (which becomes the 70m Motitsi Waterfall at the Graskop Gorge Lift Company, a mere 2km from the Castle) and the views from various windows towards God’s Window (only 7km away) are breath-taking. It is the place where the sun comes up…

The Castle is an experience for people who appreciate the Olde Worlde feel and the look of the Art Deco age, as the interiors are a juxamix of Medieval, Art Deco and bits of Now interspersed. There is NOTHING NEW within these walls and so it shall remain.

There are 2 Honeymoon Suites available and 4 de Luxe Suites within the amazingly ancient-looking walls.

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