Friday Culture – Under the Gazebo

We are actively encouraging you to read and write more, be creative and define yourself with your truth. Through trial and error we achieve better.


Situated at 48 Brown Street, Mbombela – The Gazebo Funk Book Club is dedicated to engaging individuals through books. They work to empower individuals through their book store by allowing for skills development such as sales, communication and bookkeeping.

Under the Gazebo focuses mainly on reading and writing and has a social market every Friday, known as “Friday Culture”. Indiginous games such as Morabaraba are enjoyed, as well as Chess and soul touching spoken poetry – to really get your patriotism flowing!

The space allows for people to fully express themselves, by standing on a soap box and expressing whatever it might be that comes to mind, be it freestyle, mindful thoughts or perhaps even an impromptu book reading.

Under the Gazebo has a self-publishing house – celebrating the talents of our local people and teaching people how to publish their stories. The group also encourages and assists in helping people to read and write by creative means – including a reading camp with informative and educational workshops.

So pop in under the Gazebo this Friday, whether it be for a game of Chess or Morabaraba, to speak your mind, get some entreupenerial tips or drop off a book or two – you are sure to leave feeling proud of the place you call home.

P.S Under the Gazebo is low on Chess boards – if you or someone you know perhaps has one you would like to donate, please feel free to drop it off at 48 Brown Street or contact the Gazebo Funk Club on 065 819 5894 /

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