Lowveld Gold Rush

KLCBT in conjunction with Sociably has released an incredible TREASURE HUNT which you can play through TURFHUNT.

TurfHunt is an app available from the iStore or the Google Play Store. Once downloaded it uses a GPS to locate treasure hunts near you. From the app interface, you can choose which treasure hunts you wish to explore. The Lowveld Gold Rush is the first one in South Africa, but not the last….

Once you choose The Lowveld Gold Rush from either the map or the in-game search function, you can start to explore the first point near you. There are question marks with a hint in the name and the goal of the game is to get within 15m of these question marks.

Once you activate the point a historical fact about the spot will pop up with a fun task to complete.

The tasks range from uploading a photo to solving a riddle or a memory game. The app saves your progress as you go thus you can complete the task over a period and it uses minimal data overall.
It is as easy as that.

Stand a chance to win an incredible PRIZE from KCLBT just by playing the game!

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