Pilgrim’s Rest

Pigrim’s Rest – a journey back in time. ⏳

In 1873 the town and surrounding area was densely populated with gold prospectors all hoping to make their fortunes. ⛏

PJ Kloppers, an employee of TGME, WG Reid, AGE Pienaar and Dick Graham. Absent: MJ Cooney (Photo: A Marshall)

Sadly, for the most part, the gold that was found was alluvial (gold dust) and did not reap the fortune that many were working hard to make. 😌

During the Second Boer War the town of Pilgrim’s Rest was the location of a mint that was erected under emergency circumstances and the gold mined was used to make what is now the famous and rare Veld Pond coins.

Veld Pond from Anglo-Boer War a major South African rarity
also known as the “Pilgrim’s Rest Coin

Today the town is a tourist location that takes visitors back in time to the days of the gold rush in the 1870’s. When it first became a tourist attraction in 1970 it was changed very little from its heyday and is now a protected historical site. In 1986 the town was declared a National Monument and since then a concerted effort has been made by curators, historians, architects and other interested parties to ensure the integrity of its history is preserved at all times. 🧐

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Built in 1894, the Royal Hotel in Pilgrim’s Rest has succeeded in preserving the quaint atmosphere of yesteryear. Composed of authentic buildings dating back to the 19th century. 127 YEARS OLD! 🤯

Trapped in a time warp, the lounge reflects an epoch of time honoured hospitality and elegance so typical of the late Victorian era. Upon entering The Royal Hotel – Pilgrims Rest, visitors are immediately taken on a nostalgia filled trip into the past.

The reception walls are lined with the most interesting photographs and artefacts providing vivid glimpses of Pilgrim`s Rest`s history. This theme is carried forward into the lounge as well as the very famous public bar.

The restaurant is informal and serves hearty old-fashioned meals in a historical atmosphere in keeping with the rest of the Hotel. Enjoying a meal outside while taking in the scenery, is an experience worthwhile.

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