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Pet Friendly Adventure meets Indulgent Accommodation @ Caracal Lodge

Pet Friendly Adventure meets Indulgent Accommodation @ Caracal Lodge

Pet Friendly Adventure meets Indulgent Accommodation @ Caracal Lodge

Pet Friendly Adventure meets Indulgent Accommodation @ Caracal Lodge

The Sociably team recently embarked on a weekend away to a tranquil self-catering cottage conveniently situated a mere 48km away from Nelspruit.

One week later, now writing about this Lowveld gem, I cannot help but long back to the scenic valleys of Houtboshoek and our time spent comfortably lazing around in-between exploring the grounds of Caracal Lodge.

First off, you read it in the title. This gem is pet friendly and welcomes social canine members of the family too. In fact, arriving at Caracal Lodge, we were received by the lodge’s own canine family, some of which, made themselves at home and spent the whole weekend with us. 

Our weekend kicked off with a unique dining experience. We arrived at feeding time for the extended Caracal family – 3 giraffes, 2 ostriches, playful pigs, a goat and some chatty geese. Craig Blanchard, our host for the weekend, invited is to witness the unique feeding time routine. As we walked with the animals, we listened to tales of the farm and how these animals came to be a part of the Caracal Lodge family. What a way to start a weekend!

Caracal Lodge offers both plush and bush accommodation. You can find yourself in a fully equipped, spaciously comfortable cottage or in one of their three romantically secluded bush lodges. The bush units have no electricity but do come equipped with led lighting, a gas stove, a gas geyser and a gas fridge/freezer. The Sociably team however found sweet solace in the indulgent Bushbuck cottage – one of their four 2-bedroom units. If your family is just too big, there is also ‘Thys se place’, the farm house that can sleep up to 28 people!


Bushbuck Cottage itself is a spacious and sophisticated yet rustic cottage with two bedrooms, both ensuite (and one with an outdoor shower!). Every corner of the cottage is adorned with refurbished items, adding a touch of charm and character. From old window frames converted to wall art and old skateboard wheels repurposed for the sliding bathroom doors each detail tells a story of sustainability and style.  


The Sociably team ticked off another waterfall on the Lowveld-waterfalls list. Caracal Lodge has their own waterfall with a beautifully cleared picnic spot allowing you to fully embrace nature’s serenity, as the roar of water mingles with the earthy wilderness around it. 


This lodge also has caves begging to be unraveled although our inner Indiana Jones got a raincheck this time. But fear not, we will be back to tick this cave off on our Lowveld-cave list. Other than waterfalls and caves, you can traverse the well-marked hiking and 4×4 trails, or take a leisurely forest stroll. Over 150 feathered friends call this valley home – perfect for aspiring birdwatchers. You can spot some incredible wildlife on a game drive or conquer the trails on a mountain bike. And last, but never least on the outdoor list…for our Lowveld fishermen and women – a fishing dam awaits.


If all else fails, you can simply unwind in the communal barn dubbed ‘Rooikat se gat’ (translated to Caracal’s hole). Here we challenged each other to several games of pool and spent hours laughing at each other’s competitiveness. Can you guess who won? The barn also has a foosball and ping pong table, as well as an honesty bar to ensure you remain refreshed between games.


Our Sociably sleepover at Caracal Lodge was nothing short of exceptional. We nestled in comfort, explored scenic landscapes, and reveled in the company of new furry friends. Whether you crave a romantic getaway in a secluded bush lodge, a family reunion at the farmhouse, or just an adventurous escape with your canine companion, Caracal Lodge offers an unforgettable Lowveld experience. We can’t wait to return and conquer those enticing caves – stay tuned for the possible sequel!

If you would like to know more about Caracal Lodge or want to book your stay, you can visit their website here:


We love the Lowveld ♥

Ps. If you have a unique spot in the Lowveld and would like it to be featured in an upcoming Sociably blog, invite us over! We love to explore the Lowveld and share every single bit of it!