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In the misty mountains of Kaapsehoop Adventures

In the misty mountains of Kaapsehoop Adventures

In the misty mountains of Kaapsehoop Adventures

In the misty mountains of Kaapsehoop Adventures

Kaapsehoop Adventures -where nature meets paradise. Self-catering accommodation, tours and activities. Come as a guest, leave as a friend.WWW.KAAPSEHOOPADVENTURES.CO.ZA

Nestled deep in the forests, you will find stunning views across the valley.

Kaapsehoop Adventures is a rustic establishment with separate bedrooms, teepee tents, communal ablutions, pizza oven and a well equipped kitchen. Off the grid, and eco-friendly with fire, gas and solar used as alternative energy sources.

Driving through the forestry past wild horses, breathtaking views and misty landscapes towards this magical spot, you automatically start to feel at home. A feeling of warmth and nostalgia overcomes the weight of the city life, and your thoughts begin to quieten down.

Opening your window to the cool breeze of the forest on your skin, and the smell of pine needles and fresh air envelopes your senses as you forego your worries to the magic of the mountain.

A magnificent and down to earth environment welcomes you, as you drive into Pierre and Sharon’s home away from home. The simplicity that the spot has to offer is enough to give you fond memories of an unpretentious life, whilst the attention to detail in every bit of the property allows you to embrace in the love and energy that was forged into it. Kaapsehoop Adventures is not simply just an accommodation destination, but rather a breath of fresh air and an embracing feeling of community.

Last year, due to an unfortunate accident, Kaapsehoop Adventures suffered devastating fire damage; resulting in 3 of the rooms ultimately being destroyed. Thanks to the community and the hard working team that was put in place, Pierre and Sharon were able to rise above this challenge and push forward into a realm of growth and developement.

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Out of the wreckage, new ideas were born and new hope was gifted. Kaapsehoop Adventures has cleared up, moved through the rubble and has transformed to now offer guests an additional choice of teepee accommodation.

A number of Native American tribes, largely known as the Plains Indians in North America, have a long history of constructing teepees for family dwellings, and sometimes for ceremonial purposes. The structures were especially important among individuals belonging to the Lakota, Pawnee, Arapahoe, Kiowah, and Cheyenne tribes.

As white settlers made their way west across the North American continent, they observed native peoples living in teepees, mistakenly thinking that the dwellings they saw were primitive. In reality, these structures not only make very clever and responsible use of available resources, but also meet many of the physical and spiritual needs of their human inhabitants.

Book your stay at www.kaapsehoopadventures.co.za today to rest, recoop and rejuvenate your soul.

Call them on 082 452 9928 or

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