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Case Closed – A Sociably Murder Mystery

Case Closed – A Sociably Murder Mystery

Case Closed – A Sociably Murder Mystery

Case Closed – A Sociably Murder Mystery

Event Review #01

Luke Byrnes was found,
dead on the ground.
At the bottom of the cliff.
His body was stiff.
Evidence was scattered all over the place.
Police had to rush to the scene and open a case.
Witnesses were devastated.
Suspects were frustrated…
Was it a hiking accident or a pre-meditated murder?
Did he slip or was there some kind of disorder?

This is the mystery that Sociably club members set out to solve at their very first social club gathering,
a Murder Mystery Game Night!

The Sociably team’s nerves were shot as guests started to arrive at Kingfishers Country Kitchen on the 4th of May for our very first coordinated event, held exclusively for members of our newly established social club.

Club members eagerly gathered around their tables, excited to partake in the mystery game night. The space was decked out with dim lighting, eerily decorated tables and hiking gear scattered all over, setting the stage for the evenings event. Teams were given realistic case files filled with scripted dialogue, intricate clues, and potential sabotage. Emotions ran high as team members worked to solve the mystery behind the murder of Luke Byrnes.

As guests entered the venue, they were greeted with a chilling surprise—a display of blood coloured slushies, setting the tone for an evening filled with suspense and intrigue. As the night unfolded, Kingfisher’s delicious pizzas were served, captivating the taste buds of everyone present. However, the true delight came in the form of a tantalizing smore’s building bar, adorned with an array of tempting ingredients. Chocolate, marshmallows, biscuits, candy, and more awaited the guests, allowing them to unleash their creativity and concoct their own delectable treats. Amidst the indulgence, the enigmatic atmosphere added an extra layer of excitement, creating an unforgettable experience for all who dared to immerse themselves in this thrilling murder mystery extravaganza.

Our nerves quickly settled as the night unfolded and we watched how comfortable our new club members were within their teams, everyone meeting, greeting, and getting to know at least one new person. Everyone expanding their horizons in some way, even the introverts flipping on their extrovert switches.

As the night went on, teams worked together, finding possible culprits and hidden motives. Once the case was solved and Hayley Withers was found to be the jealous sister and prosecuted murderer, our winning team was awarded with awesome locally sponsored prizes.

Unbeknownst to the guests, an intriguing surprise awaited them beneath their name tags: a riddle, waiting to be solved. As the anticipation built, it was the first brave soul who approached us, armed with the correct answer, who emerged victorious. The lucky winner was rewarded with an extraordinary selection of gifts, each representing the essence of the Lowveld. From the rich and aromatic Sabie Valley Coffee to the tantalizing Rooibaard Braai Spice, an Earthbound Organics health tonic, and the delectable Bee’s Knees honey crafted in Brondal, these prizes showcased the region’s pride and local flavors. The guests found themselves enchanted not only by the captivating murder mystery, but also by the opportunity to be part of an engaging and rewarding experience, where cleverness and wit were celebrated.

Our first event sparked a deep sense of camaraderie and captivating fun amongst everyone that attended. Not only did the Sociably team have a blast hosting this mysteriously exciting evening, but once the reviews came in, we were extatically pleased to find that our club members thoroughly enjoyed it too!

The Sociably social club was created with a simple, yet compelling purpose – to connect likeminded people and grow the community. We absolutely love to bring people together, whether it be through shared interests, passions, or simply the desire to connect with others. At Sociably we understand the importance of nurturing connections. We also understand that life does not always grant everyone the time to make plans for this kind of nurturing, which is why we are making it our mission to bring you all together as often as possible!

And with review comments like “more than I expected” and “fantastic evening”, we know that we are on the right track. Our club is growing into a diverse and vibrant community, rich in experience and absolutely in-love with the Lowveld and all it has to offer.

To further elevate the suspense, we conducted a number pull, granting attendees the chance to win even more prizes. Lucky number one proved fortunate indeed, as the winner was called forth to claim a magnificent prize package featuring a bottle of exquisite Belgravia Gin, accompanied by the refreshing Mosquito Coast Tonic and the delectable Sabie Valley Coffee. It was an evening of intrigue, surprises, and delightful rewards, leaving guests eagerly anticipating future events filled with enigmatic thrills.

We can’t wait to see you at our next event. Details will be shared soon!



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Photography By: Mack Lens Photography