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Touring Dullstroom on a shoestring and a frozen braaipack

Touring Dullstroom on a shoestring and a frozen braaipack

Touring Dullstroom on a shoestring and a frozen braaipack

Touring Dullstroom on a shoestring and a frozen braaipack

There is something about leaving work on a Friday afternoon with the knowledge that where you are going, will revive your soul. As I get closer to Dullstroom I can feel the weather changing and the flora start to resemble something a little less Lowveld.

The green rolling mountains make me long for something that I am still searching for. After parking at the cottage and listening to the gravel crunch under my shoes, I start to unpack. My fly rod is the first thing I always take out. As I admire the flies in my little tackle box, I smile and make the decision to go fishing immediately. Whatever wants to defrost can do so while I’m feeding my soul with the sound of my fly rod singing through the air. I only stop for a moment to take an ice-cold Heineken out of the cooler.

Returning home, long after sunset, cold but smiling, I start to unpack (again). The cooler box seems to still be intact. Indeed, as I open the lid, I find the still-frozen braai pack staring at me with a smirk “ja, jy wou mos gaan visvang.” I take this as an invitation to go to town for dinner instead.

It does however seem that it is not standard for a lovely woman in her thirties to be found alone on a fishing weekend, some attention is always drawn to my choice of solitude and my not so ladylike hobbies. What can I say, fishing is good for my soul and I like books more than people. Waiting for my takeaway from Poachers I do some people watching. The 20 somethings, having a conversation about what the vegan options are on the menu. The old couple, tightening their jackets as the cold sets in and holding hands as they walk to their car. The rest, having fun and laughing, getting louder as the restaurant starts to wake up for the night.

I walk past a young group of patrons with my food in hand and I eavesdrop in on a conversation…. “I wish I could come here more often, I wish my budget would allow it.” I walk a couple of steps and something stops me before I get out of the door. I turn around and walk over to my unsuspecting new students. “Lemme just tell you about this thing called a shoestring tour” I blurt out as soon as I get there.

They scooch over to give me space and immediately, I feel at home.

I feel like a sage as I share my shoestring recommendations.

For everything related to reservations and a nice directory to discern what will suit your budget I would recommend Dullstroom reservations. They have a very lovely team and are easy to work with, they know the area and can make recommendations to help you find the perfect spot to stayover. Their website is very user friendly and has accurate descriptions and photos of all their listings. An easy search function allows for quick price range searches, perfect for the shoestring enthusiast.



The family shoestring:

Dabchick cottage, a cozy 2-bedroom cottage with a view of note. Space to play and run around, perfect for a family with young kids. It is a place where you build family memories that will last forever. Three well stocked trout dams are nearby for the teens wanting to learn flyfishing from a parent. Practice the art of flyfishing in peace here. Throw in a couple of board games for the cold nights beside the fireplace and you won’t spend anything extra on entertainment.


For the couple, a romantic shoestring weekend away:

Sleep@84 is a new upmarket building in town. It is walking distance from The Mayfly, a romantic restaurant, for that special date night. When planned right to coincide with off peak times, this is a value for money couples getaway in a dreamy little town with many places to explore. If you desire something closer to nature and budget accommodating, the Dullstroom nature reserve offers a lovely place to have a hike and romantic picnic on top of the mountain.


Sleep@84, Dullstroom – Updated 2021 Prices

The 20 something shoestring:

There has been a rise of young adults that have taken an interest into touring our country. The movement to work online and travel as you work seems to be inspiring a generation to empower themselves and become travelpeneurs. They have shoestring traveling down to an art. The Old Transvaal Inn is perfect for a group of young travelers seeking a working while traveling experience. It is not far from a Starbucks, the perfect thing to complete the hipster circle of life. 


Old Transvaal Inn, Dullstroom - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos -  Tripadvisor

Sociably is traveling all over the Lowveld. We are looking for interesting people, locally produced beers or spirits and proud local establishments. Let us know where we can find you……