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A Day with Dollie at Gin and Co

A Day with Dollie at Gin and Co

A Day with Dollie at Gin and Co

A Day with Dollie at Gin and Co

You’ve likely tried a wine tasting, perhaps even a beer tasting – but have you ever experienced a gin tasting? The aroma of botanicals, fruits, diverse flavour profiles, and the distinct taste of gin – juniper-forward, botanical, complex, and aromatic – not to mention the unique experience, make this an absolute must-do activity right here in the Lowveld!

Located within the much-loved Casterbridge Centre in White River, you’ll find the delightful hideaway known affectionately as Gin & Co. Christelle and I (Ash) set out on a fun-filled escapade, enticed by the allure of fantastic spirits and a cozy atmosphere. Stepping inside, the air was filled with the tempting fragrance of various gin blends, liquors and more, urging us to explore further.

Gin & Co boasts fame for crafting the beloved Dollie Gin range and the recent addition, the Macnut Liqueur. The interior, blending sleek black modernism with touches of greenery, brass and an industrial vibe against the backdrop of the scenic Casterbridge Centre, immediately captured our attention. It was the perfect spot for an afternoon of laid-back tastings.

Under the guidance of the charming Hlobi, we settled in and embarked on a fantastic tasting journey. The ‘fabulous foursome‘ tasting experience was an absolute joy, featuring the Lowveld Dry, Rooibos and Lemongrass, Blueberry and Pimento and Strawberry and Wild Basil gin varieties. Each sip unveiled a wonderful medley of flavours sourced from distinct botanicals. Even if you’re not a die-hard gin fan, this experience is more than just a treat—it’s an adventure for your taste buds.

We savoured each gin neat, then added ice to reveal hidden nuances, followed by tonic and dried fruit pairings that perfectly complemented each gin’s unique character. It was a flavourful exploration, spiced up with a quick lesson on the art of gin-making from Hlobi.

Seated outside, surrounded by various herbs and greenery, Christelle and I relished the remainder of our gin, chatting away while soaking in the outdoor scenery. With glasses in hand, we raised a cheerful toast to life and its joys.

We met Tanya, the passionate owner of Gin and Co who shared with us her fascinating gin journey, starting with the iconic Dollie Gin truck that frequented local markets. The evolution of Gin & Co from a mobile venture to a self-distilling haven is a testament to Tanya’s commitment to building a hub for Dollie gin enthusiasts.

Tanya generously guided us through their distillery, unravelling the intricate gin production process. From hand-labelling to heartfelt involvement in every step, it’s evident that the Gin & Co family pours love and dedication into every bottle.

Beyond the Dollie range, Gin & Co presents a conservation line—the Guardian African Gin, Safari African Gin, and Wild Horse Wooden Gin. Each sale contributes 10% toward conservation efforts, embodying the essence of the vibrant, loving and extraordinarily beautiful Lowveld.

With every sip, you can taste the essence of this distinctive landscape—a homage to Gin & Co’s commitment to preserving and celebrating the splendour of the Lowveld.

“It’s over to you, go forth and explore our wonderful unique blends. Go grab a glass and your favourite book or enjoy with a couple of friends. In colourful cocktails or on the rocks, it is sure to make you feel jolly, however you like it. We’re utterly delighted you’ve found a friend in Dollie.”

No need to make a booking for groups that are less than 4 people. Please view Gin and Co’s Facebook page for their opening hours.

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