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Much More than just a Cottage

Much More than just a Cottage

Much More than just a Cottage

Much More than just a Cottage

This is however not just another Lowveld gem, it is so much more! So, before we tell you all about the cottage, allow us a moment to introduce the ‘more’. 

At Klipinnibos, a very special initiative is underway – an ecosystem restoration project that is helping nature to heal itself! This project is working to restore grasslands, wetlands, and pockets of Mpumalanga montane forest. Along with the Klipinnibos family, volunteers are hard at work clearing and maintaining large portions of land previously overgrown with alien vegetation. By doing this, they are providing the right conditions for nature to heal and thrive. This is an ongoing experiment to prove just how well nature can heal itself if given the chance. With amazing results already achieved, this project is a hopeful sign for the future of our planet. 

Now, let’s delve into that amazing stone cottage! Beyond the incredible restoration initiative, Klipinnibos invites you to experience a piece of history in this off-grid rustic stone cottage surrounded by lush nature. The cottage can sleep up to 8 people, operates on solar power and adheres to strict recycling rules, allowing visitors to experience a truly sustainable and eco-friendly getaway. Here you’ll also have the pleasure of sharing your living space with some fascinating creatures, a Leopard Gecko and a Shrew, both contributing to the delicate ecological balance. They serve as pest control officers, helping to keep the cottage bug-free and thereby maintaining a harmonious environment. The cottage has a veranda with a boma, overlooking something truly magical – The Infinity Forest.

The Infinity Forest is by far the showstopper view of this cottage. With a trail meticulously cleared in the shape of an infinity sign, this tranquil haven invites visitors to embark on a journey of introspection and connection with nature. As you meander along the path, you’ll be greeted by some truly remarkable ancient trees that project a sense of wisdom and timelessness. Along the trail you will find strategically places benches beckoning you to pause, relax, read, sip some coffee and absorb the indescribable beauty that this forest holds. The Infinity Forest will surely leave you feeling rejuvenated and at one with the natural world.

To further enhance the tranquility and provide another space for introspection, a labyrinth has been carefully crafted within the property. Walking the labyrinth offers an opportunity to quiet the mind, find peace, and connect with oneself and the surrounding environment. Additionally, Klipinnibos Nature Farm holds a wealth of other hidden gems within its expansive grounds. In the cottage, you will find a well-laid-out map, detailing the further trails that wind through the grasslands and forests, passing 1800’s ruins and even more fascinating, some ancient stone circles. If you read our recent blog on the Blaauwboschkraal stone ruins, one might even speculate that these circles are from the same era.

Our Sociably sleepover revealed that Klipinnibos Nature Farm an invitation to embrace simplicity, reconnect with nature, and experience a truly unique off-grid retreat. Surrounded by breathtaking forests, ancient ruins, and guided by sustainable practices, this rustic haven offers an immersive experience that leaves visitors feeling rejuvenated and in tune with nature. Whether it’s exploring, cohabitating with eco-friendly companions, or finding solace in the labyrinth, Klipinnibos Nature Farm’s stone cottage promises a memorable journey into nature’s embrace.

We are, because nature is,
A symphony of life, a cosmic kiss.
In every leaf, in every breeze,
Nature’s wisdom finds its ease.
We thrive, only if nature can survive,
In harmony together, we can both stay alive.
Both are part of a great and grand design,
A tapestry of life, meant to align.
Let us cherish, let us care,
For in each other, is the gift of air.
In nature’s presence, we find our place,
A world of wonders, filled with grace.

If you would like more information on Klipinnibos Nature Farms and everything that happens here, please visit their website: https://www.klipinnibosnaturefarm.co.za/

For more information on how you can get involved with the restoration projects or to become a volunteer, you can find more information by clicking the two links below: 

https://wwoofindependents.org/en/host/45668-ecosystem-restoration-of-grassland-forest-and-wetlands / https://www.workaway.info/en/host/449145665398

We love the gems of the Lowveld ♥

Ps. If you know of any unique getaway spots in the Lowveld, please let us know! We love to explore the Lowveld and write all about it!