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High on Life at Highgrove House

High on Life at Highgrove House

High on Life at Highgrove House

Are you looking for a luxurious dining experience? A 5-star stay? Or just a day away?

Well Lowvelders, look no further, because Sociably has got you covered.

The Sociably team was recently invited to lunch at the Highgrove Royal Restaurant, nestled between White River and Hazyview. We spent our Freedom Day fully indulging in our freedom, being royally treated to an afternoon of mouth-watering food and breath-taking scenery.

Driving down the road leading to Reception, you are almost certain to be awestricken by the long tunnel of Jacaranda trees, over a century old, almost magically guiding you in. Adding a sense of excitement about what lies just beyond. With lightbulbs hanging from towering trees and paved pathways leading into sub-tropical gardens, we felt like we were transported into paradise.

We were warmly welcomed by General Manager, Tracey, who led us to our table, dazzlingly set in the tranquil tree-filled ambience of the Highgrove gardens. Lunch was nothing short of delectable. Everything from salads to salmon to bolognaise to grilled cheese toasties, were plated in a way fit for a Queen, royally satisfying both our eyes and our tastebuds.

Once our bellies were filled, we were taken on a grand tour of the grounds.

Highgrove House boasts 6 Luxury Suites and 2 Executive Suites, all hidden away amongst the trees, allowing guests complete privacy. If you are planning a romantic getaway, booking an Executive Suite ensures that you never have to leave your room. You can order in, cool off in your own private swimming pool and even detox in your own private sauna!

But wait, there’s more…

The Highgrove Orchard Spa creates a tranquil and stress-free atmosphere for its clients with a number or treatments, massages, and therapies on offer to soothe your body, mind, and spirit.

Click here to read more about Highgrove House and what makes it so special:

Visiting Highgrove House made us feel high on life. We enjoyed every personal touch we found here. We enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and the peaceful surroundings. We cannot wait for our next opportunity to visit.

“With us, it’s personal.”

This is what they say.

Whether you eat, come to retreat, or whether you come to stay.

And so far, the Sociably team is glad to announce that we agree with the Highgrove House motto in every single way!

Join the Sociably Social Club and you might receive an invitation to an upcoming event at the Highgrove House soon!