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Find your inner artist

Find your inner artist

Find your inner artist

My hand is shaky,

My lines aren’t straight.

Perfection seems so far out of sight.

I desire to create, to express and to show.

But the fear of being ‘’bad at it’’ continues to grow…

– Christelle, Sociably

PHOTOS BY: Lumé Ruiter Photography

So, you think that when you draw, it resembles the scribbles of a three-year-old. You try to paint, but your Mona Lisa keeps on crying instead of smiling. Or maybe you just think that you were not born from a creative gene-pool?

Well… this Sociably team member is here to tell you that you are sorely mistaken.

You see, just like any skill, creating takes practice. It is a talent that is developed over time and the way that you portray your talent is a personal and unique trait. Comparing your creative skills to someone else’s is not the way to go.

Did you know that creating art is a powerful way of improving your emotional state? Studies have shown that throughout the creative process, hormone levels shift and stress hormones decrease. Lucky for us all, the Lowveld has no shortage in art classes of all kinds, from sketching to painting, to sculpting, to DIY décor, the Lowveld has a class and a teacher that can guide you when discovering your unique artistic style.

One such class is new Sociably favourite, “Watercolour and Wine”, hosted by local art teacher, Lize-Mari, at Cicada Restaurant once a month.

Lize-Mari radiates with enthusiasm, as she guides her students to paint their most authentic art pieces. She inspires them to let go of their fears and immerse themselves in the creative process. She goes all out when preparing for her Watercolour & Wine classes, providing a well put together guide on the techniques of watercolour painting and how to apply them to the theme chosen for the class. She also allows for ample practice before you start with your own authentic watercolour painting (or two), while enjoying a glass of wine with your favourite people.

This, dear Lowvelders, is a wonderful way for you to let go of your day, express your creativity, spend time with your friends, and even expand your circle by finding new, like-minded friends.

At the end of the day, we are and always will be, creators.

Creators of our own experiences.

Creators of our own environments.

Creativity cannot be measured by skill.

It’s a journey my friend, a path you fulfil.

Photo by Christelle

Find more information about Watercolour and Wine here.

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