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Glamping like a Chief at Kokiville

Glamping like a Chief at Kokiville

Glamping like a Chief at Kokiville

Glamping like a Chief at Kokiville

Back at Kokiville again, that place that by now feels like a second home. It’s incredible how the Lowveld brims with these special spots – our “homes away from home”. And speaking of home, we can’t forget the amazing people who create these welcoming homes for us to retreat to. The Lowveld is surely filled with them too.

Yes. It was good to be welcomed back by Janine and Gavin for a weekend retreat at Kokiville. Even better, this time around, I was out of Box 2 and into their latest addition – The new Tipi! 

As I arrived at my home away from home, after a week that felt like an everlasting high intensity workout, I was pleasantly reminded why I love Kokiville so much! At Kokiville, I get to have the best of both worlds. I get to stay in a home designed to form part of the Lowveld bush; and I still have all the essentials of my actual home. At Kokiville, I arrive to a home where indoor merges with outdoor and once again I can absolutely picture myself living life like this full time.

Now, lets talk about this tipi!

Forget “roughing it,” this tipi was pure “glamping royalty.” Janine and Gavin’s creativity knows no bounds, and my comfort levels were living proof. Talk about exceeding expectations! We were definitely glamping like chiefs. The tipi is furnished with a queen size bed, two chairs, dresser and a storage chest. The large and inviting interior felt like a cozy haven with the bed practically demanding a good night’s sleep. Brace yourself for a spectacular morning view as you emerge after your slumber, this tipi also comes with a breathtaking sunrise view. 

When someone mentions an outdoor kitchen, I often picture something very basic, very brown, and very boring. But not this kitchen. Step aside, dusty grills and sun-bleached picnic tables! This outdoor kitchen is sleek with a bold backsplash of green. With all the normal kitchen essentials, including a gas stove, you can still ignite your culinary creativity. This covered kitchen & lounge area is perfect for whipping up gourmet meals under the stars. Prefer a good old Lowveld braai? No problem! There is boma and a braai too.

As if all of this is not glamorous enough, Janine and Gavin decided to include a stylish and completely private bathroom in the design of this outdoor home. This convenient addition comes with an indoor and outdoor shower. The kitchen and bathroom, an unlikely couple, waltz hand-in-hand, resembling the shape of yin yang. The transitioning from indoor- to outdoor shower was the perfect way to represent the seamless fusion of yin and yang, almost creating a sense of embrace with the untamed beauty of the Lowveld bush. 

Kokiville’s new tipi is like stepping into a nature documentary, but way more luxurious! Here, nature and design whisper sweet nothings to your soul, urging you to trade Netflix for stargazing. The interplay of raw elements and human ingenuity wasn’t just pretty, it was a love letter to a simpler, more connected existence. This wasn’t just a staycation, it was a reawakening, a reminder that magic happens when creativity and nature get busy. Prepare to have your wanderlust amped and your inner peace zen’d out!

For more info on this amazing new addition, visit their website here: https://kokiville-homestead.com/tipi/

We love the Lowveld ♥

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