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Sustainable harmony close to home

Sustainable harmony close to home

Sustainable harmony close to home

Sustainable harmony close to home

One can never have enough of nature. Of this, we are sure. It is the very reason why we just can’t stay away from a good self-sustainable weekend spent in the great outdoors. A weekend like the one we just had in the town above all the waterfalls.

Waterval Boven – where pristine trout fishing waters and spectacular scenery awaits you.

This, dear friends, is the very town where Sociably Squad members, Ash and Christelle found a place with 5 fishing dams, hiking trails with stone ruins and a waterfall, ancient trees, free range chickens, permaculture gardens, a spring-fed swimming pool, an on-site yoga teacher and of course, our favourite, some really unique accommodation options! We had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing Tegwaan Country Getaway.

To spice up this Sociably Sleepover, Ash and Christelle ventured into separate units, contrasting in style and experience. In this article, we will dive into both perspectives, beautifully woven into one amazing weekend away! We will be exploring their points of view on accommodation, self-sustainability, hiking trails & other activities, hospitality and overall weekend experience.


Ash:  Our weekend home, the glamping tent unit, was a haven of comfort. The bed was a pinnacle of luxury, adorned with crisp white linen and an interior that blended coziness with sleek aesthetics. Set in our very own private garden, complete with an outdoor table, our unit boasted a separate private kitchen housed in a former dairy milking station. The wooden doors, donated from friends who salvaged them from a Cathedral in Johannesburg, added a touch of history with stained glass elements.

Inside the kitchen, we found all the essentials – a fridge, gas burner, kettle, crockery, cutlery and a basket brimming with fresh farm eggs, wild African cucumber and a jar of freshly cut herbs. But amidst all this, the trees loomed large, simultaneously making us feel both insignificant and connected to something immense.

Christelle: Ever since tiny houses became a thing, I have been itching to live like a hobbit in a perfectly proportioned shoebox. Now, having experienced Tegwaan’s Acorn Tiny House, I can’t stop thinking of 4-sleeper blueprints so that my kids can join in on this kind of adventure-equation! The Acorn Tiny house is uniquely designed to comfortably include a double bed, a dining area, a kitchen with all the essentials and a surprisingly spacious shower. Outside you have another table & chairs, a firepit and a patio with a kettle braai.


Ash: Throughout our stay at Tegwaan, Renia and Baltazar’s commitment to sustainability shone through. From redirecting kitchen sink pipes to water the garden, providing kitchen scraps to chickens who in turn create compost, to the eco-friendly compost toilet – every system in place reflected their dedication to living in harmony with the environment. The abundance of water from the natural spring is fed into their 5 dams, which in turn feeds into the natural swimming pool. Everything that they do works in favour of the environment and alongside the environment. Their holistic approach demonstrated a genuine desire to explore new avenues in their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Christelle: The loo is a different story and will surely make Sociably’s “top ten unique toilets list”. A short 30m away from the tiny house, you will find an ablution block with a dry/compost toilet. Although this sounds weird and maybe a little gross, it is not at all as bad as one might think. This toilet is not only amazing for the environment, but the well displayed instructions also ensure that there will be little to no funky smell hanging in the air. Dry/compost toilets skip flushing, saving water and reducing strain on sewage systems. They turn waste into nutrient-rich compost, fertilizing plants instead of polluting waterways. I’d say this is a definite must for any self-sustainable homestead.

Hiking trails & other activities

Ash: A day at Tegwaan unfolded with fishing, hiking, swimming, lounging, painting, table tennis and endless chatter. It was wonderful to experience the change of landscape and scenery on the Stone Circle Hiking Trail, the contrast of the smallest meadow flowers on the ground to the grandness of the surrounding mountains; the way both hardy and delicate plants thrived in this environment.

We were treated to the most spectacular view once we reached the escarpment, overlooking the waterfall below. Our fantastic guide for the hike, Khanya, hurried us along and led us to his favourite watering hole a bit further along from the escarpment and we took a much needed dip with him and 2 of his four legged friends.

Once we got back to the farm, it was pure bliss to dive into the refreshing swimming pool, reward ourselves with some yummy mango and then laze around on the hammocks after the sun’s warm embrace.

Later on in the day, Renia brought us the most wonderful gift – two fresh sourdough loafs – freshly baked by Baltazar. Such a simple gesture brought such joy to the Sociably squad!

Christelle: Wow, what amazing hiking options! Sadly, with the time that we had, we were only able to venture off on one of them but we will definitely be heading back to Tegwaan to walk the rest of the trails. Being a sucker for stone ruins in this area, the Stone Circle trail was definitely the one for me. This trail proved to be a treasure hunt and we found ample interesting stone ruins and circles along the way. Besides the endless spectacular views, another part of this hike that I really enjoyed was the botanist’s playground under our feet, teeming with grass waltzes and floral fireworks from big to minute small, each a testament of the wonder of nature’s creations.

The property’s abundance of fishing dams was a true delight. It offered the Sociably spouses endless opportunities to embrace the meditative angler’s life, while Ash and I happily explored and gathered content. Another highlight was the yoga session on the wooden deck overlooking a serene dam. Renia, Tegwaan’s co-owner also happens to be a skilled yoga teacher and invites guests to flow into bliss every Sunday morning at 9am.

Hospitality and Overall weekend experience:

Ash: One of my favourite things about our Sociably escapades is the journey to our destination. It’s a venture down roads less travelled, revealing landscapes I may not have encountered before. This particular journey was no exception, presenting valleys, mountains and rivers stretching as far as the eye can see – and you know I love a good view!

Upon arriving at Tegwaan, we were warmly embraced by Renia, Baltazar, and their four dogs. It felt as though we were stepping into the heart of their home, with their love for Tegwaan emanating from the very trees themselves. The atmosphere was similar to visiting old friends on our favourite farm.

Speaking of trees, the abundance of towering eucalyptus and magical willows greeted us as we entered Tegwaan. These weren’t just any trees; they were majestic, age-old sentinels of nature’s grandeur.

On our first day, we were greeted by a thunderstorm, a spectacle of magnificence. Seeking refuge in the big barn, we settled in for the night with a glass of wine in hand, a fire crackling outside, and the sounds of nature raining down on us. It was honestly the best way to wash away the week’s stresses and anxieties, fully embracing the sheer beauty of the moment.

Of course, our first night demanded a braai, accompanied by a delicious salad featuring freshly plucked herbs and greens from the garden.

The following morning came and we would honestly had not been able to tell the time as who needs blackout curtains when you have a canvas tent? We started off our day with a moment of gratitude, a few deep breaths and a setting of intentions, followed by a farm style breakfast of spicy Shakshuka and sweet banana flapjacks made from those fresh farm eggs – the ideal start to fuel our day ahead.

I know I say this often, but this was honestly one of my most favourite stays because it wasn’t just about the beauty of Tegwaan and all it had to offer. It was also about how Tegwaan made me feel. The air around Tegwaan hangs with ancient stories, the land is lively with care and protection and those that reside at Tegwaan, humans and animals alike – truly make you feel at home.

Christelle: My favourite kind of hosts are the ones that welcome you with a sense of warmth and openness. Instead of seeing guests as dollar signs, owners Baltazar and Renia, passionate about conscious living, opened their hearts and home with genuine warmth. We immediately felt right at home as we eased into our weekend of bliss.

I immensely enjoyed the big barn serving as a communal kitchen and lounge. This space buzzed with life as we bonded over ping pong, bonfires and sizzling meals. We laughed, we played, we ate. We devoured a variety of wholesome home-cooked feasts (featuring foraged goodies and free-range eggs harvested by our own hands!).

At night we found comfort in our cozy tiny house, hearts and bellies filled to the rim. Already dreaming of our next Tegwaan adventure, when my Sociably spouse and I can take our 2 boys to experience Tegwaan and also indulge in this conscious lifestyle.

Thank you Tegwaan and the Tegwaan family,

Until next time & as always, we love a good self-sustainable weekend away ♥