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The Gateway to Africa

The Gateway to Africa

The Gateway to Africa

A flight into Mpumalanga

Welcome to Mpumalanga,
Where roaring lions grace the streets.
Where golden sunsets light the sky.
And sunrise brings a rhythm of beats.
Welcome to Mpumalanga,
The land of mountains tall.
A place where Nature reigns supreme.
The place of every traveller’s dream.
Welcome to Mpumalanga,
It all starts right here,
At Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport.
Africa’s wild frontier.

In the heart of the Lowveld lies the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport. The only airport of its kind. The largest thatch-constructed airport in the world. And one that is said to be a true aviation masterpiece.

Since opening its skies in October 2002, the KMI Airport has had over 3 million passengers with a current average of 260 000 travellers per year. It is often referred to by tourists at the gateway to Africa, not only because the region is home to the world’s most iconic game reserve, the Kruger National Park, but also due to the uniqueness of the terminal building design and the surrounding scenic displays.

Arriving at the airport, the first thing you will notice, is the African Bush themed construction. The design reflects the natural surroundings of the Lowveld and enables visitors to connect with nature even before leaving the airport. Seeing the Impala grazing freely around the airport contributes to the African bush feel in a big way and might even be the very reason why so many tourists still believe that in South Africa, the lions roam free.

Anyone with an artistic eye will feel right at home at this airport due to the incredible artwork throughout the building, including Art and Design galleries. The terminal is decorated with various paintings, sculptures and installations that tell a story of the region’s history and culture. Whether in the Departure or Arrival lounge, visitors are sure to find inspiration and a sense of wonder through the mesmerizing artwork on display.

The KMI Airport is home to a variety of shops where one can buy anything from essentials to unique souvenirs and gifts, providing a convenient shopping experience to travellers. There is also a number of restaurants and cafes offering a wide variety of food options to accommodate all tastes. Additionally, overnight accommodation is available on site. SleepOver KMIA offers twin, double and family rooms. The rooms overlook the lush bushveld and emanates serene simplicity and comfort.

As Lowvelders, we can surely take pride in having the KMI Airport on our doorstep. It is not only a convenient gateway for tourists, but also a wonderful reflection of the natural beauty and cultural heritage of our region. It is truly a spectacular Lowveld landmark.

We love the Lowveld ♥