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Tranquil in the cold

Tranquil in the cold

Tranquil in the cold

A Winter camp at Tranquilitas Adventure Farm

It’s Winter.


Yes, we all know that by lunchtime it will feel like spring, but during mornings and evenings, we want to retreat indoors, snuggle, cuddle, and wait out the cold.

However, being the nature-loving duo that my husband and I are, we don’t easily let the cold keep us inside. We brave the low temperatures and make our way outdoor to places that offer us a tranquil setting in which to reenergize.

This is why we decided to fully embrace a winter camp just outside the Lowveld border, in Waterval Boven.

We went on an adventure to Tranquilitas Adventure Farm.

Our adventure started in the dark when we finally arrived after getting lost on the way. As we stepped out of the car, we were greeted by a breathtaking scene of the spectacular night sky. Being situated on the hilltops of Waterval Boven, away from the city lights, the open night sky at Tranquilitas is magical. The velvety darkness creates the perfect backdrop for the millions of stars, twinkling and dancing across the sky. This enchanting display kept us captivated for so long that we almost forgot how cold it was. It was a wonderful reminder of the vastness and beauty of our universe, and the perfect introduction to our winter camp.

We booked a perma-tent so that we can enjoy the simplicity of camping and still have a little comfort in the cold. The perma-tents are equipped with a comfy bed (sleeps 2) and a kitchenette, ensuring that the hot water bottles could be filled fast. Other accommodation options include Chalets (sleeps 4), Max Tents (sleeps 4), a Farmhouse (Sleeps 12) and a camping ground.

Grabbing the soothing hot water bottles and blankets, we eased into an evening of soundness, comfort and start gazing.

The morning brought with it, more cold. We emerged from the comfort of the tent and walked right into the Mpumalanga version of “Winter Wonderland” with frost covered grass, a bright rising sun, and clear blue skies. The perfect example of the stark contrast in scenery during winter in our region.

Now, I’m sure many can relate when I say that sometimes we are physically and mentally exhausted, and even though we take a weekend trip to an activity-packed spot, we end up spending a lot of time just lounging around rather than adventuring. The Tranquilitas campsite emits a serene ambience and is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Immersed in nature, our morning was spent with revitalizing yoga and a sizzling brunch made in the kitchenette. We lazed around, fully letting go of the week and soaking up the warm winter sun.

Evening brought a roaring bonfire and hot drinks. We watched the sun dance across the horizon leading in the night sky and setting the stage for the milky way.

When morning came, we felt properly rejuvenated after the lazy day we had before. We set out on a hike, determined to explore the surrounding landscape. The air was crisp and cool as we descended along the trail that led into scenes of contrast between the bright blue of the sky, the dull yellows and whites of the dry grass, the greens of trees and shrubs, and the mixture of reds and browns of the grand rock-climbing walls and hills, as far as the eye can see.

We can confidently say that no mistake was made when the owner chose a name for this hiking, rock-climbing and mountain biking gem. With a wide variety of bolted rock-climbing routes, single-track mountain biking trails and hiking trails varying in distance and difficulty, you are sure to find an adventure, no matter the season.

We spent our weekend outdoor, tranquil in the cold.

We spent our weekend embracing relaxation and freedom.

Tranquilitas Adventure Farm fully embodies its name and is a remarkable destination if you want to escape from an often-chaotic world. We eagerly await our next opportunity to visit.

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