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A Warrior’s Spotlight

A Warrior’s Spotlight

A Warrior’s Spotlight

My baby cannot walk.
He will not walk, even when he starts to talk.
He needs endless assistance.
Even with my constant persistence.
I want him to live, to laugh and to play.
This, my humble request every time that I pray.
Is God there? Does he even hear?
I keep on praying with each passing year.
My fight will not cease.
My faith will increase.
For God is my savior by day and by night.
God’s light will always remain brightly in sight.

Written by Christelle Bouwer

If you are a local, you might’ve heard about the Meyer Beukes Warriors on Wheels Foundation. The story of a boy, born with Spina Bifida and endless fight of a team of guardian angels to help not only him, but every other child alike.

In 2011, Kylah Beukes gave birth to her first child, Meyer Beukes, only to receive the devastating news that he had been diagnosed with Spina Bifida.

Spina Bifida is a congenital birth defect that commonly affects the spinal cord and the surrounding tissue. The severity of Spina Bifida can vary widely, and common symptoms can include severe muscle weakness and paralysis. This condition can also lead to various secondary conditions such as the build-up of fluid in the brain and mobility difficulties.

Kylah had to accept the fact that her child would never lead a normal life and had to face the uphill battle that lay ahead. There is no cure for this condition, only forms of treatment and management can be done to improve the quality of life for those living with it. The diagnosis brought with it a host of challenges- physical, emotional, and financial.

It was during the first 3 months of Meyer’s life, spent in hospital, that Kylah realized the glaring lack of awareness and resources for children with this condition, and the daunting task that parents had to face in raising paraplegic children, while dealing with societal expectations.

When Meyer was about 18 months old, they came across a mini wheelchair that was manufactured in the USA. Knowing the wonderful impact that this could have on the quality of her son’s life, she approached Meyer’s occupational therapist who put her on the right track of getting the wheelchair built for Meyer. Joy flooded the family’s hearts when they saw the positive changes that this mini wheelchair made, and the mobility that it gave little Meyer. He could now keep up with his peers and independently move around the house.

Being fortunate enough to have Meyer on a medical aid for him to receive the necessary care of Occupational Therapists, Neurologists and other specialists, Kylah often thought of the mothers she had met in hospital during the beginning stages of her journey with Meyer. The mothers that were not so fortunate. The mothers that supported her while their own children were going through similar experiences. This is the moment that Kylah knew that something needed to be done. Determined to help not only her own son but also other parents and children with disabilities, the non-profit organisation, Meyer Beukes Warriors on Wheels Foundation, was founded and officially registered in 2013.

The organisation initially focused on donating mini wheelchairs, consisting of a Bumbo chair mounted to a frame with wheels, to babies and small children. As Meyer grew and his needs changed, they soon introduced several other solutions like standing frames, paediatric wheelchairs, specialized wheelchairs, and reverse walkers to disabled children as well. Further to this, the organisation now also assists families with medical bills and specialist consultation fees involved in raising a special-needs child. They donate basic needs packages to mothers and children, where mothers receive toiletries and basic food produce, as hospitals do not provide this to the mothers when their children are hospitalised.

Over the years, the organisation has built up a network of healthcare providers working in rural areas and hospitals, who identify individuals in need of assistance. These healthcare providers do not receive remuneration, nor do any of the individuals involved in the Meyer Beukes Warriors on Wheels Foundation. The organisation operates on very low running costs, ensuring that the funds received go to helping those in need.

Twelve years after the life-changing diagnosis, Meyer is thriving with his condition. He is a happy, healthy, and energetic boy, defying odds with the help of specialized care, love and devotion from his family and the support of the non-profit organization that his mother founded.  

The need for funds however will never stop. There will always be a need for compassionate people within the community to help in any way that they can. If you would like to know more about the organisation, and get involved in any way, please get in touch with Kylah on +27 82 547 8815 or email info@warriorsonwheels.co.za / kylah@warriorsonwheels.co.za.

View their Facebook page here for more information: https://web.facebook.com/warriorsonwheels/

Kylah and the team of directors of the Meyer Beukes Warriors on Wheels Foundation have shown us that with the right kind of support, they can better the lives of countless paraplegic children. They can assist families and provide these children with a fruitful childhood. A childhood filled with exploration and fun. A childhood filled with endless moments of joy.

Here’s to the Guardians of Warriors, and the fight they fight to bring joy and ease into the lives of disabled children.

Here’s to the Meyer Beukes Warriors on Wheels team and everyone who is so deeply devoted to the foundation.

Here’s to the warriors with wheels, and those still waiting.
The warriors who fight.
The warriors who live.
And those who have died.
May your spirit thrive.
And teach with compassion.
For all time.